About Groeneveldt

Since 2007, Groeneveldt has been building a reputation as a specialist in the design and construction of workboats. In 2015 we relocated to Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, to a facility located on the waterfront. All boats are built fully bespoke, to accommodate all customer requirements. As a result, every workboat that leaves our yard has unique features.

As each vessel has a specific job to do or support, no two boats are ever the same. Every aspect of the build – from design to construction and final delivery to the customer's location – is handled by our team.

We continuously develop unique solutions for our customers, enabling them to take on and overcome their civil engineering challenges. 

All wishes, requirements, and conditions are taken into account in the design and construction of our various series of work vessels. We are dedicated to making the entire process as effortless for you as we can. With our small, committed team of specialists, we always build with quick turnaround and at a fair price.




Groeneveldt Marine Service BV was founded.



Groeneveldt Marine Service BV moved into its own boatbuilding workshop. Surely a small workshop with a small office should be big enough?



Growth of the company made it necessary for Groeneveldt Marine Service BV to move to a larger building in Papendrecht. The company had quickly become too large for the previous premises, so we moved to a larger facility.


Groeneveldt Marine Power

Groeneveldt Marine Power was founded. Building generators, mainly powered by Volvo Penta engines, provided a complementary venture for our company.


Groeneveldt Marine Construction BV

Groeneveldt Marine Construction BV was founded. We started building our first workboat in a rented industrial building in Nieuw-Lekkerland.



Groeneveldt Marine Construction BV moved to its new location in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. Plenty of space and opportunities, on our own quay.


Groeneveldt Marine Trading BV

Groeneveldt Marine Trading BV was founded. We see strong demand for trade in used workboats and all associated equipment.


Groeneveldt Marine Construction BV

From this point onwards, shipbuilding and related activities fall under the umbrella of Groeneveldt Marine Construction BV. Repowering, metalwork, generator sets, workboats, and anything else that comes our way.


Groeneveldt Marine Construction BV

In June 2020 we expanded our capacity with the addition of a second production hall.


Groeneveldt Marine Construction BV

Groeneveldt celebrated 15 years in business!

We are known for our various series of powerful workboats. Whether you want a diesel engine, a hybrid or an all-electric, we cater to your needs. We value direct, personal contact with our clients. You are welcome to visit our Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht location, where you can tour the facility and watch the work in progress on your workboat.

We offer complete, efficient service in the field of small work vessel construction.

The design is determined in consultation, based on your wishes and preferences, and then our specialists get to work on the construction. Our workboats include pushers, vessels for geotechnical work, and other specific vessels to support your various maritime activities. We have the expertise to help you consider your options, provide advice, and work with you to ensure the final result perfectly suits your needs.



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